Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 2000 – 2009

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 2000 – 2009. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

2009Appel, JamesMedical Service CorpsActive Duty
2009Cuajunco, RussArmy Reserves
2009Ellis, AmberMedical Service CorpsNational Guard
2009Hall, JosiTransportation CorpsActive Duty
2009MacGeorge, ChristopherMilitary Intelligence / Detailed: InfantryActive Duty
2009Moradi, ChristopherActive Duty
2009Obrine, ChristopherActive Duty
2009Obrine, NicoleNurse CorpsActive Duty
2009Peterson, AaronActive Duty
2009Powers, BlaineActive Duty
2009Sadler, MichaelNational Guard
2009Stadelman, StanleyNational Guard
2008Block, EricaNurse CorpsActive Duty
2008Cain, SonnyChemical CorpsActive Duty
2008Campbell, ElizabethQuartermaster CorpsActive Duty
2008Floeter, LeviInfantryActive Duty
2008Hathaway, ParkerActive Duty
2008Hockett, StephanieQuartermaster CorpsArmy Reserves
2008Johnston, BrianAdjutant General CorpsActive Duty
2008Ko, JamesAir Defense ArtilleryActive Duty
2008Mayes, TylerField ArtilleryActive Duty
2008Neeley, VeronicaMilitary Intelligence / Detailed: ChemicalActive Duty
2008O'Donnell, BrianNational Guard
2008Potter, NicolasMedical Service CorpsActive Duty
2008Priest, ErinMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
2008Robinson, StephenMilitary Intelligence / Detailed: InfantryActive Duty
2008Senkler, RichardMilitary Intelligence / Detailed: ArmorActive Duty
2007Brown, BryceArmy Reserves
2007Brown, SusanNurse CorpsActive Duty
2007Charlton, NicholasActive Duty
2007DeWhitt, StevenActive Duty
2007Hardee, MarkActive Duty
2007Hines, CharlesActive Duty
2007Lewis, WilliamActive Duty
2007Lokkins, ErikActive Duty
2007Neeley, BenjaminActive Duty
2007Newbill, CalebActive Duty
2007Rowse, AmandaAir Defense ArtilleryActive Duty
2006Fehrenbach, WilliamActive Duty
2006Hara, YoshinobuActive Duty
2006Higgins, JasonActive Duty
2006King, ScottActive Duty
2006Latham, AnthonyArmy Reserves
2006Sagen, JeffreyNational Guard
2006Sanker, TristanActive Duty
2006Sporleder, AlexanderActive Duty
2006Wells, EmmillyNurse CorpsArmy Reserves
2005Allen, MatthewActive Duty
2005Berki, WilliamNational Guard
2005Dickerson, JeremyArmy Reserves
2005Force, SeanActive Duty
2005Gribble, BrittanyActive Duty
2005Pearson, ShannonArmy Reserves
2005Rae, LanceActive Duty
2005Robinson, ScottNational Guard
2005Schroeder, AaronActive Duty
2005Singer, DanielActive Duty
2004Ambrose, PhilipActive Duty
2004Jones, MickiiActive Duty
2004Marshall, JosephActive Duty
2004Martin, AmberActive Duty
2004McLaughlin, CoryActive Duty
2004Myers, JackActive Duty
2004Ratcliff, LeslieActive Duty
2004Stockton, EmilyActive Duty
2003Cluever, JosephNational Guard
2003Gromus, ThomasActive Duty
2003Neanover, KeithActive Duty
2003Ocoyne, DouglasActive Duty
2003Purtteman, GarvinArmy Reserves
2003Saari, BradleyNational Guard
2003Sanders, KellyActive Duty
2003Sprenger, NicholasActive Duty
2003Weber, MichaelReserves
2003Wells, JohnActive Duty
2003Zeski, BryanActive Duty
2002Bade, DustinActive Duty
2002Biggar, RachelNational Guard
2002Bowles, GregoryActive Duty
2002Knudsen, JeffreyActive Duty
2002Love, ThomasActive Duty
2002Markley, CharlesActive Duty
2002Milligan, ChadwickActive Duty
2002Shultz, TracieNurse CorpsActive Duty
2001Bentz, KevinAdjutant General CorpsActive Duty
2001Biggar, JamesActive Duty
2001Cruz, AustinActive Duty
2001Noland, WilliamActive Duty
2001Pazaruski, RyanActive Duty
2001Roe, MichaelTransportation/Detailed: InfantryActive Duty
2001Rolwes, AndrewActive Duty
2001Shultz, JasonActive Duty
2001Walley, RoryActive Duty
2000Elberg, JasonActive Duty
2000Liles, MichaelActive Duty
2000Rux, CaryActive Duty
2000Wagenblast, CharlesActive Duty

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