Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1990 – 1999

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 1990 – 1999. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

1999Ashley, JustinActive Duty
1999Dersham, AmyActive Duty
1999Howser, ChristopherActive Duty
1999Liles, BridgetActive Duty
1999Miick, RogerActive Duty
1999Sturdevant, RichardActive Duty
1999Tripp, JustineActive Duty
1998Gold, BenjaminActive Duty
1998Lee, AndrewActive Duty
1998Wing, TracyActive Duty
1997Rochon, RobertActive Duty
1997Stone Supanchick, WendyNurse CorpsArmy Reserves
1995Barfield, ClaudeInfantry & FinanceActive Duty
????Bilquist, DanActive Duty
????Glass, Katie
????Grimes, JeffActive Duty
????Henderson, Alan
????Honea, WilliamActive Duty
????Johnson, CraigActive Duty
????King, BrentActive Duty
????Niewert, DarinArmy Reserves
????O'Reilly, Dennis
????Weir, GeraldArmy Reserves
1996Archibald, JasonOrdnance
1996Brown, KermitInfantry
1996Harsh, KurtInfantry
1996Jedynak, JeffArmy Nurse Corps
1996Lecoq-Cannon, KathleenArmy Nurse Corps
1996Richardson, RobertMilitary Intelligence
1996Ruppelius, BarryQuartermasterNational Guard
1996Bowls, DerekArmy Nurse Corps
1992Baer, Douglas
1992Wier, RonaldArmy Reserves
1991Clark, DavidArmorActive Duty
1990Boehnke, Matthew
1990Griffin Olive, NikkiSignal CorpsActive Duty

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