EWU McNair Scholar Devin Mummy Completes Summer Research Internship

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Devin Mumey for completing his McNair Summer Research Internship! He worked with mentor Dr. Jessica Allen on his summer 2023 research, “Lichens of Iller Creek: A preliminary checklist for the Iller Creek Unit, a division of Dishman Hills Conservation Area, Spokane Valley, WA“. Devin’s research was presented August 16, 2023 at the McNair Summer Research Symposium.


Of his biodiversity documentation research, Devin notes “A total of 101 species, from 55 genera and 27 families were identified. Our results provide a baseline for future lichen investigations and will allow us to better understand changes in the lichen flora as the Spokane-Coeur D’Alene urban corridor expands”.

Devin’s future research interests include blueberry scorch disease and blackberry orange rust, as well as creating cold-hardy cultivars of tropical fruits, and the tissue culture and propagation of rare or endangered plants.