Devin Mumey


Devin Mumey is an undergraduate at Eastern Washington University working towards a major in Biology with a focus on Plant Sciences and a minor in Chemistry. He is interested in studying hybrid fruits and crossbreeding, as well as disease resistance. For his 2022 McNair Summer Research Internship, he worked with Dr. Jessica Allen collecting and identifying lichen species. Future research interests include blueberry scorch disease and blackberry orange rust, as well as creating cold-hardy cultivars of tropical fruits, and the tissue culture and propagation of rare or endangered plants.

Devin was selected as one of the recipients of a Clawson-Youngs Environmental-Studies Award for 2022-23. He attended the Tuckerman Lichen Workshop, and was highlighted on the front page of InsideEWU: EWU Students Travel for Lichen Workshop in West Virginia.

2023 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jessica Allen

Research Title: Lichens of Iller Creek: A Checklist for the Iller Creek Unit, a Division of Dishman Hills Conservation Area, Spokane Valley, WA

2022 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jessica Allen

Research Title: Lichen of the Willamette Valley, Linn County, Oregon

Research Presentation