EWU McNair Scholar Devin Mumey Awarded Clawson-Youngs Environmental-Studies Award

Devin Mumey Receives a Clawson-Youngs Environmental Studies AwardCongratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Devin Mumey! Devin has been selected as one of the recipients of a Clawson-Youngs Environmental-Studies Award for 2022-23. The award consists of an initial $500, plus an additional $500 and an award certificate upon completion of Devin's project report.

EWU will be publishing a pamphlet with all of the award recipients' project reports. EWU will also create an archive based on the work of Clawson-Youngs Award winners in hopes that recipients will submit to the archive ongoing works that go beyond the scope of these initial projects.

Devin's work expands upon his 2022 Summer Research Internship with mentor Dr. Jessica Allen.

From Devin's proposal:

The intended outcome is to produce a comprehensive floristic checklist of the lichen diversity found in the riparian area of Iller Creek, in the Dishman Hills Conservation Area found in Spokane Valley, Washington. This involves collecting and identifying all lichen species found in the selected geographic area, and organizing the results into a checklist according to current scientific writing standards. Upon completion, the project will be presented in poster form at the Northwest Science Conference in Bellingham, Washington in March of 2023, and at the Eastern Washington Spring Symposium in spring of 2023. Specimens collected during this project will be deposited into the EWU Lichen Herbarium, where they will be preserved for use in future research and historical record. The EWU Lichen Herbarium is also shared digitally on the Consortium of North American Lichen Herbariums website, which makes the specimen data and location data available for use by researchers globally.

This is a project with far-reaching outcomes, and we are delighted that Devin is receiving funding for this essential contribution to his field!

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