EWU McNair Scholar Christina Hudson: ASEWU Diversity Representative

EWU McNair Scholar Christina Hudson: ASEWU Diversity Outreach RepresentativeEWU McNair Scholar Christina Hudson is serving as the Associated Students of EWU Diversity Outreach Representative for the 2021-2022 academic year. In this position, Christina helps to create a culture of inclusivity and community at EWU. Based on her work in this role, her outstanding academic record, and her regular contributions to organizations such as BlackPast.org, Christina was asked to participate in building a curriculum for next year’s required staff trainings in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Senate Bill 5227 aims to eliminate structural racism and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by conducting training sessions and evaluations in Washington’s 40 public colleges and universities, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

In addition to this important work, Christina was invited to be a featured speaker at the EWU Diversity and Inclusion Week Event Speed Relating. At this event, fueled by free Thomas Hammer coffee, students, faculty, and staff can connect and have open conversations with a variety of individuals representing diverse identities, professions, and/or interests. Christina introduces herself in this statement from the Speed Relating Speakers Directory:

I am an AfroMexicana first-generation student and McNair scholar, double majoring in English studies and Africana studies, and minoring in religious studies. My academic journey has been very nontraditional. I grew up between Barrio Logan in San Diego, CA, and west side Long Beach, CA. I had my first job at fourteen years old and, because I had to live on my own and work support myself from fifteen years old, I dropped out of high school at the beginning of ninth grade. I began college many years later with neither a high school diploma nor a GED. After graduating with two bachelor’s degrees this spring, I will begin my PhD studies in Africology and African American studies at Temple University.

Christina completed her McNair Summer Research Internship project, The Characterization of African Religions, mentored by DrOkera Nsombi.

To hear more about Christina’s experiences in higher education, Africana studies, and the McNair Scholars Program, connect with her over free coffee at the Speed Relating event on Wednesday, April 20, 11am to 1pm, in the JFK Library Lobby.

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