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Office of Controller – Travel Accounting

How to Reserve/Pay for Short Term Rental Cars or Vans When Traveling on University Business


The following outlines the procedures to reserve and pay for short-term rental cars/vans when EWU employees travel on university business. A state contract provides discounted rates from both Enterprise Rental Car (ERAC) and National Car Rental.  Reservations can be made through a state-qualified travel agency or directly through Enterprise. Payment can be made via:

(a) EWU Travel Accounting (university pays directly)
(b) Departmental CTA account where available (your department pays directly)
(c) Personal or corporate credit card (traveler pays, then claims reimbursement)

Enterprise uses a Master Corporate ID and Department Billing Number system.  This allows direct billing to your department’s central travel account (CTA) card.  The Master Corporate ID identifies Eastern Washington University as the Agency making the reservation.  The Department Billing Number is associated with your department’s CTA card.  You will need to ask your department CTA cardholder for the billing number, and provide that number when making your reservation if you are requesting to bill your department.

EWU Parking and Transportation Services has an additional contract for larger vehicles previously contracted through EWU’s Motor Pool. ERAC has provided a consolidated website to facilitate both contracts.  The website title is WAS EWU (Washington, Eastern Washington University) and is specific to Eastern Washington University:

Go to Enterprise Business Rental Program Account Sign In: (

The WAS EWU dashboard allows for a selection between Enterprise car or truck rental and National car rental.

  • For Enterprise car rental: Select Enterprise Rent-A-CarThe selection will take you to the Business Rental Reservation page.
  • Enter the requested information: Location, dates, and rental car class (state contracted rental car class is “economy”). The Corporate Account Number is defaulted for EWU’s Master Corporate ID.
  • Click continue The next screen will show a list of vehicle classes and their quoted rates.
  • If booking a rental, select the vehicle. Then click Continue to Review.
  • Enter contact information and confirm trip purpose.
  • For billing:
  • Click Yes for billing when traveling for business purpose. The billing number should be provided by your CTA cardholder as the charges will be billed against your department CTA.
  • Otherwise click No. This selection allows you to reserve and pay with your own credit card.
  • Verify information
  • Click Reserve now, this will complete your reservation. Enterprise will charge the CTA or personal credit card when the car is returned.  Be sure to print a copy of your reservation confirmation to include with the departmental CTA log.

By Phone: Provide Master Corporate ID, department billing number (from your department CTA cardholder), and reservation information.

  • 24 hr. Reservation Line: Call 800-847-3722.
  • Local Enterprise Office: 3 W. Third Ave, Spokane call (509) 458-3340 or Spokane Airport call (509) 747-0343.

If you do not have access to a department billing number or travel coordinator:

  • Complete a travel request (contact Travel Accounting, x2249, for assistance)
  • Follow the steps above for online (1) or by phone (2)

You will be expected to use your own resources for payment and submit receipt with travel reimbursement request.

Note: If you find that you are frequently renting in this mode, please contact your department for assistance, or request creation of a department account.

Prepared by EWU Travel Accounting Office
Rev: July 21, 2020