Corporate Travel Card

Office of Controller – Travel Accounting

Application instructions and conditions of use for Corporate Travel Card.

JP Morgan Chase application

Read about the Corporate Travel Card, then apply.

EWU corporate travel credit cards are issued through JPMorgan Chase. The following conditions govern use of the corporate travel card.

  • Only permanent (FT or PT) non-student employees are eligible to apply for the corporate credit card.
  • Issuance of the corporate card does not imply that all costs charged to the card are reimbursable. The cardholder should be cognizant of state and university travel regulations when using the card and when providing documentation to support travel expense claims for reimbursement.
  • Use the corporate travel card only for official university business travel related expenses such as transportation (as described in the Employee Travel Guide), meals, hotels and rental cars. The 50-mile rule applies when using the corporate card.
  • JPMorgan Chase will bill the cardholder monthly for all charges made to the Card and the cardholder is personally responsible for paying all charges.
  • The cardholder will pay all billed charges in full by the due date shown on the monthly statement. Cardholder is responsible for and will promptly pay any late payment charges that may be assessed if the account becomes delinquent.
  • Partial payments are not permitted and may result in suspension or termination of the account.  Unpaid balances that are more than 30 days past due will result in the account being suspended for noncompliance with the terms of use.
  • Cardholder is subject to a payroll deduction for any amount not paid in full when due. Use of credit line through EWU corporate travel cards are treated the same as cash advances under SAAM 10.80.60e and are subject to wage garnishment for amounts past due.
  • Cardholder will promptly return the corporate travel card to Travel Accounting if requested to do so or immediately upon separation from service.
  • Cardholder will notify JPMorgan Chase (1-800-VISA-911) immediately if the corporate travel card is lost or stolen. If fraudulent charges appear, the cardholder will work with JPMC to have them removed.
  • Cardholder agrees to the release of information for management information reports.
  • Cardholder agrees that documents related to the EWU corporate credit card shall be deemed public records as defined in RCW 42.56.