Finding Jobs & Internships

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical job fairy granting employment wishes upon deserving Eagles such as yourselves. Finding a job or internship takes time and effort, so start earlyLuckily, there are many resources available to make this process easier.

Job/Internship Search Tips

Think about the type of opportunity (full-time, internship, on-campus, etc.), industry, type of company (nonprofit, startup, corporation, etc.), and company culture you’re interested in.

Interested in working on-campus as a student? You can learn more about on-campus jobs at EWU Student Employment:

  • Research companies that fit your goals, industry type, and location that you’re interested in.
  • Use online tools such as Handshake, Glassdoor, Google, LinkedIn, and other job search websites to get an idea of typical job duties and required skills and education for the positions that most interest you. Visit the Search Online page for more job search engine ideas.
  • Follow your favorite companies on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’ll learn more about the company and be one of the first to know if they post an opening.
  • Search online through job boards.
  • Find organization’s you are interested and look at the career, internship, and volunteer pages on their website.

80% of opportunities aren’t advertised which means that there is a hidden job/internship market found through personal and professional relationships (i.e. networking).

Your resume and cover letter should be tailored to each different job/internship posting. Using generic, catch-all materials that don’t address specific qualifications will get your application tossed.

  • Don’t wait until the last day of the deadline to apply. You could end up at the bottom of a big stack of resumes.
  • Follow directions exactly. Not doing so could get your application tossed.

On-Campus Jobs

Found on Handshake, on-campus jobs come in a couple varieties and are offered by individual departments on campus. Depending on your financial aid award, you may qualify for an On-Campus Work Study job or a Non-Work Study job. To learn more about on-campus jobs, student employment policies, and more, please visit:

Avoid Job Scams

Not all job postings are legit. Find out how to protect yourself!