Student & Alumni Spotlight: Brooklyn Brink, ’16, ’24

This week’s Student & Alumni Spotlight focuses on Brooklyn Brink! Brooklyn is an Eagle twice-over – she earned her BS in Health Services Administration with a minor in Business back in 2016, and is currently studying for her MA in Organizational Leadership, with which she will graduate this year. She currently works as a Risk Manager at Apree Health.

“My role revolves around identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks that could impact the company’s operations, reputation, or financial standing,” Brooklyn told us. “Working within the healthcare sector adds a layer of complexity, due to the sensitive nature of the industry and the regulatory environment surrounding it.”

Though Brooklyn’s day to day tasks are varied, she has one goal: to manage risk across different aspects of the organization. This includes risk assessment, compliance monitoring, developing mitigation strategies, monitoring, and reporting. She describes her role as dynamic and multifaceted: “[it requires] a combination of analytical skills, industry knowledge, and strong communication abilities to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate risks in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.”

“What I enjoy most about my role as a Risk Manager at Apree Health is the opportunity to have a tangible impact on the company’s success and the well-being of our stakeholders,” Brooklyn says. “I appreciate the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, the constant learning opportunities it offers, and the collaborative environment that fosters innovation and teamwork.”

She also appreciates how organically her career path has unfolded in front of her since her undergraduate years. “It all started during my internship at EWU in 2016, where I had the opportunity to work in a clinic for the first time,” she says. “That experience captivated me, igniting my passion for the healthcare field.” 

Though the path forward has been clear so far, there are also always opportunities to go beyond and explore new areas of the field. “What I particularly value about this field is its versatility,” Brooklyn says. “It’s reassuring to know that you’re not bound to a single trajectory — there’s room for exploration and growth.”

In addition to the experiential learning Brooklyn underwent through her undergraduate program, participation in clubs and organizations also played a huge role in her success at EWU. “My tenure at EWU was enriched by being on the track and field team, where I gleaned invaluable lessons and forged lifelong friendships,” she says. “My advice to others is to actively engage in extracurricular activities. EWU boasts a plethora of clubs and programs, providing ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

“Everyone’s journey is unique,” Brooklyn adds. “Some have a clear career path with a meticulously planned strategy to get there, while others find their way more gradually, year by year, as I did. And that’s perfectly okay.” 

Interpersonal skills (also known as soft skills) were also valuable benefits of Brooklyn’s EWU experience. “While college courses provide valuable subject matter knowledge, they also equip you with essential skills like adaptability and perseverance,” she says. “These lessons in learning and hard work have proven to be invaluable in my career, and I continue to apply them today.”

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