Getting Experience

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There are many ways to gain experience or use previous experience to qualify for opportunities. Consider the following:

Work with a career advisor if you’d like to discuss what experiences would work best for you, how to find them, and how to articulate your experiences on your application documents and in interviews.

International, DACA, or Undocumented Students

Experiences you can legally engage in, in the U.S., will depend on your visa or work authorization. If you have F-1 or J-1 status, any off-campus employment must be authorized or you risk violation of your visa requirements. Certain volunteer opportunities could also put you at risk of visa violation if they don’t follow certain guidelines. International students here on a visa should also work with the EWU School of Global Learning to review any employment restrictions for your visa.

Review the links in the “Know your Rights” sections of these pages for more direction on your employment rights in the U.S.