Education Placement Files

As of Thursday, August 1, 2013, our long-standing placement files system was retired. Currently, active placement files will remain maintained and active for those students that have them until a year from their last activation date. New placement files will not be opened after August 1, 2013.


There are two reasons. First, the majority of districts have online application systems, complete with a letter request system if they require confidential letters of recommendation. Otherwise, those systems expect the applicant to upload all information themselves. Second, very few students use placement files, and fewer still update their files with current information.  Therefore, we are following suit with other Washington universities and colleges and moving to self-managed credentials.

What do I do now?

You may manage your own credentials, and store them on Handshake free of charge, forever. You will have total access, control, and responsibility for the dissemination and storage of your credentials, including any and all letters of recommendation.   Should a district require confidential letters of recommendation and not have a letter request system in place, you might consider opening a new account with an independent credential service provider (we recommend the free dossier service at ChronicleVitae) at a more cost-effective yearly cost than our old system. That account and its maintenance will still be under your sole control and responsibility. We would be happy to advise you on that process. Additionally, we can electronically transfer those confidential placement files for students and alumni who already have them, should you request it.

What does this mean for cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members?

All letters of recommendation requested by you from cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members should be sent directly to you rather than to the EWU Career Center. Letters requested by a school district or credential service of the student’s choice should be sent to the relevant party.

Can students still get help and advice on creating and maintaining their credentials files?

ABSOLUTELY. We strongly encourage undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni to ask  any questions about self-managed credential files, and to make appointments with Aileen Keown Vaux, Career Advisor for Arts, Letters, and Education for individual advising should they need or want help, just as they would with any other aspect of their career development.