Throwback Thursday: The 1983 EWU ROTC Chicken Feast

This picture I found dated as being from 1983, shows Cadets out in the field preparing chickens to be cooked.  Are there any alumni from 1983 that remember conducting this training?

By the way if anyone is wondering, no, we no longer do this training.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The 1983 EWU ROTC Chicken Feast”

  1. I’m the guy in the middle. Earl Noble, Commissioned Field Artilley, 1985, retired as a Colonel, Acquisition Corps, 2011. This was ROTC Ranger survival training. We cross country skiied into the hills east of Ione, WA. We were suppose to eat three rabbits, too, but one of the MS-IV Cadets couldn’t bring himself to let them die, so he took them home to his farm. We didn’t know what we were doing and we tried boiling the chickens. The meat ended up as tough as rubber. It poured rain on the way out and were knee deep in slush for five miles. Good times.

  2. Mr. Noble, thanks for commenting and sharing details about the training. It sounds like you had a really good training event despite having to eat rubbery chicken.


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