EWU Army ROTC Graduate and I Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Gary Volesky Retires After 36 Years of Military Service

The Eastern Washington University (EWU) Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) extends its congratulations to the former I Corps Commanding General, Lieutenant General (LTG) Gary Volesky for his retirement from the U.S. Army after over 36 years of military service.

The I Corps Headquarters at Joint Base Lewis McChord.

I Corps headquarters sign from when LTG Volesky was in command.

LTG Volesky is a 1983 Distinguished Military Graduate from EWU and the highest ranking member of the university’s Military Science Hall of Fame.

Volesky plaque
LTG Volesky’s plaque in the Military Science Hall of Fame

LTG Volesky’s Change of Command with incoming I Corps Commander, LTG Randy A. George was held at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) on February 4, 2020.  The U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) Commander, General Robert Abrams and the U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) Commander, General Paul LaCamera both spoke during the ceremony.  General LaCamera additionally oversaw the symbolic passing of the guide on from LTG Volesky to LTG George.

LTG Volesky (left) marches into the Change of Command Ceremony with General LaCamera (center) and LTG George (right).  (Picture courtesy of Al Watson)

I Corps soldiers salute during the change of command ceremony. (Picture courtesy of Al Watson)

General LaCamera oversees the symbolic passing of the guide on between LTG Volesky and LTG George. (Picture courtesy of Al Watson)

LTG Gary Volesky speaks to audience during the I Corps Change of Command ceremony. (Picture courtesy of Al Watson)

Full video of the I Corps Change of Command can be viewed below:

LTG Volesky who is originally from Spokane, has had a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Army that began here at Eastern Washington University.  One of the plaques we still have hanging up in Cadet Hall recognized the then Cadet Volesky for his “Aggressiveness” back in 1983.

volesky plaque

We additionally have some old yearbooks in Cadet Hall where we have an image of LTG Volesky being commissioned into the rank of 2nd Lieutenant by the then EWU Army ROTC Professor of Military Science, Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Walter.

The then Cadet Gary Volesky (left) is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1983 by EWU Army ROTC Professor of Military Science Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Walter.

From everyone at EWU Army ROTC we congratulate LTG Volesky on his retirement.  His over 36 years of committed service to the U.S. Army and our nation is remarkable.  He is truly an example of outstanding leadership for all our Cadets to aspire to.  Go Fighting Eags!