The U.S. Army Officially Cancels 2020 Cadet Summer Training at Ft. Knox

john evans

Today the U.S. Army Cadet Command (USACC) announced that both Advanced and Basic Camp held at Ft. Knox, Kentucky each summer has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The decision was announced by video by Major General John Evans the Commanding General of USACC.  Click image below to watch the video:

john evans

Advanced Camp

An important fact to take from this decision is that even though Advanced and Basic Camp are cancelled this year, this doesn’t mean the Cadets that were scheduled to attend will not conduct training.  Instead all the ROTC battalions across the country will train their Cadets on the required training tasks during on campus training and two 96 hour Field Training Exercises (FTX) in the fall and spring quarters.

EWU Army ROTC Cadet, Joseph Jordan conducts rappel training during Advanced Camp 2019.

In anticipation of a possible decision like this, the leadership from both EWU and Gonzaga Army ROTC battalions have already developed a joint training plan for next year.  The combined units are called Taskforce Spokane and the battalions will train together to ensure all Advanced Camp tasks are completed.  EWU Cadets will be briefed on the plan during our Thursday training meeting.  All efforts are being made to conduct Taskforce Spokane training responsibly and safely to keep our MS-III Cadets effected by this decision healthy and on-track to commission on time.

Additionally the Cadets that commission in academic year 2021 will conduct supplemental training as part of their Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC).  The supplemental training will be 2-weeks long and include training tasks such as a live hand grenade throw, a night infiltration course, and a buddy team live fire.

Basic Camp

For our EWU Basic Camp Cadets, they will be trained on their required skills locally in September by our EWU Army ROTC Cadre.  The completion of the local Basic Camp training will still allow those Cadets to move forward towards contracting.  Each Cadet will be briefed on the details of the training plan later this week.

Cadet Liam Hewey at the 2019 ROTC Basic Camp.

Additional Cancelled Training

The cancellation of Basic and Advanced Camp comes in addition to the previously announced cancellations of internships, the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP), advanced military training schools such as Airborne and Air Assault school, and Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT).  EWU Army ROTC will continue to maintain close communication with our Cadets to keep them informed of Cadet Summer Training developments.  If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to your Military Science instructor or leave a comment.

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Fighting Eagles Alumni Excels in Her Career as an Army Nurse


For National Nurses Week, the EWU Army ROTC “Fighting Eagles” battalion would like to recognize 2017 EWU graduate, Kaylee Nunley who has started off a great career as an Army nurse.  Kaylee grew up in Spokane Valley where she attended EWU for pre-nursing and joined ROTC.  After completing the pre-nursing curriculum at EWU, she was accepted into the Washington State University (WSU)-Spokane College of Nursing.  While attending nursing school she had the opportunity to attend a summer internship at the Army hospital at Ft. Wainwright, AK.


After graduating from EWU and the College of Nursing, she commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. She next completed her Basic Officer Leadership Course for nurses at Fort Sam Houston, Texas before arriving at her first duty station at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Walter Reed is the military’s premier hospital.  At Walter Reed Kaylee served for three years as a registered nurse serving as a medical surgical pediatric nurse.

After completing her assignment at Walter Reed, the now First Lieutenant (1LT) Nunley is currently attending public health nurse training at Ft. Sam Houston.  After she completes her training later this month, she will then move to her next duty station in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.  There she will serve as the Chief of Army Public Health Nursing focusing on preventive medicine for Soldiers and families.

During her Army journey, 1LT Nunley has also married and became a mom.  EWU Army ROTC congratulates Kaylee for a great start to her career as an Army nurse.

World War II Army Nurse Corps recruiting poster.
World War II Army Nurse Corps recruiting poster.

Did you know that EWU Army ROTC has the largest ROTC nursing program in Washington State and the Inland Northwest?  We have a track record of commissioning quality nurses on to Active Duty and into Army Reserves.  If you are interested in serving your country as well as beginning a career as a health care professional, consider Army nursing.  Scholarships are available to qualified applicants and Army ROTC has guaranteed slots into Nursing School.  Learn more about about the ROTC nursing program at this link.  You can also use our Contact page or email us at to answer any questions you may have.

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USACC Commanding General Provides Update on 2020 Cadet Summer Training

The Commanding General of the United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) has provided an update on the way ahead for Cadet Summer Training (CST) this year in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Most notably Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT), the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) and summer internships for all Cadets will not be conducted this year. Cadet attendance at advanced military training schools such as Airborne and Air Assault, is still being reviewed.  Likewise no decision on the way ahead for Advanced and Basic Camp have been made either.  Click the image below to watch the video of MG Evans giving his CST update:

MG Evans’s full letter to all ROTC Cadets and cadre can be read below as well:

Message to Cadets from Maj. Gen. John R. Evans, Jr.
Dear Future Army Leaders,
We are facing extraordinary times in our country and I know you have questions about how the COVID-19 outbreak will impact your future with ROTC and our Army. I want to reach out to you, directly, to give you an update on what we know right now.
First, to our MSIVs, we will endeavor to find a way to commission you on time and do everything within guidance to get you to your Basic Officer Leadership Course at the earliest opportunity. In conjunction with the Secretary of the Army, I will do what I can to waive any ROTC requirements that you are unable to finish prior to commissioning. Until we know exactly what that will look like, I encourage you to continue your studies in pursuit of graduation, stay fit, and stay engaged with content at your level that you can control with regard to ROTC.
Second, to our MSIIIs who are anticipating attendance at Advanced Camp this summer; we are looking at how to execute camp requirements. We do know that with the current restrictions, Advanced Camp will not be executed on the original schedule, but we are exploring options for the way forward. It is important that you know that I promise no Cadet will be disadvantaged based on their ability to attend or not attend Advanced Camp. Cadet Advanced Individual Training may be altered or cancelled depending on the evolving situation.
Third, for our lateral entry Cadets; we are looking at different options to conduct Basic Camp. Stay tied-in with your cadre for updates as they are available.
These are unprecedented times for all Americans. Your health and safety are utmost in the minds of all Senior Army Leaders, and are driving decisions as we make these adjustments. My advice to all of you is to stay patient, maintain your studies and sustain your physical fitness regimen. Most importantly, follow the guidance of local, state and federal health officials in order to maintain not only your health but that of your community members.
Together we will all come through this if we all do our part.
Leadership Excellence!
John R. Evans, Jr.
Major General, U. S. Army Cadet Command

EWU Army ROTC Nursing Cadet Featured in Inside EWU Article


Recently one of our outstanding nursing Cadets, Kylie Crooks was awarded the Major General Barbara R. Holcomb Army Nurse Cadet Excellence Award as the top nursing Cadet in the 8th ROTC Brigade. Eastern’s very own, Inside EWU did a great profile piece on Cadet Crooks and the award. Definitely worth reading the whole profile piece at this link and once again great job by Cadet Crooks for being selected for this prestigious award.

Is Army Nursing for You?

Any EWU student who wants to be a healthcare professional and has an interest in serving their country should consider Army nursing.  If you are not sure if the Army is for you, ROTC is the one way to explore military service with no obligation to join.  Our nursing Cadets complete their first two to three years of Nursing and ROTC pre-requisites on Eastern’s Cheney campus. The nursing Cadets then complete their final two years at the Washington State University (WSU) College of Nursing in downtown Spokane.  The WSU College of Nursing reserves seats in each class for ROTC Nurses that achieve their admissions standards.  To qualify for one of the reserved nursing seats you must make the decision to contract into ROTC by then.

EWU Army ROTC currently has the largest Cadet nursing program in Washington State and the Inland Northwest.  We have a proven track record of our nursing Cadets receiving scholarships and going on to become healthcare professionals in service to our nation.  You can learn more about our nursing program at this link and feel free to contact us at this link with any questions.

Go ROTC!  Go Army Nursing!

Fighting Eagles Cadets End April with Strong Virtual Training Performances

Physical Training

With the continuation of the Washington State stay-at-home order, ROTC activities for the “Fighting Eagles” Cadets at Eastern Washington University have continue to be conducted over virtual platforms.   Our physical training (PT) activities are conducted over the Zoom app.  Responsibility for conducting PT shifted this week to our second year (MS-II) Cadets conducting the conditioning drills with third year (MS-III) Cadets providing oversight.

Roble and Burnside
EWU Army ROTC Cadets, Olivia Roble (left) and Adam Burnside (right) lead physical training conditioning drills over the Zoom app.

After the conclusion of the Zoom portion of PT the Cadets have been continuing to track their mileage on Strava.  A unit competition on Strava has been initiated between each class the and the Cadre to determine who can log the most mileage this quarter.  Here are the current standings:

  • MS-I Class: 198.6 miles
  • MS-II Class: 577.44
  • MS-III Class: 936.5
  • MS-IV Class: 821.6
  • Cadre: 629.2

Military Science Classes

The weekly Military Science curriculum is all being held online as well.  The classes are taught over Zoom with presentation slides, assignments, and quizzes presented over the university’s Canvas software.  Online training may not be as effective as in person classes, but our Military Science instructors have put in maximum effort to make the online classes as organized and effective as possible at training our Cadets.

MS-IV Cadet, Andreas Brazier gives a brief about improvements to Infantry weapon systems inside the Brigade Combat Team over the Zoom app.

Leadership Labs

This week’s virtual Leadership Lab continued to be conducted over the Fortnite software.  The platoons each executed specific tactical training in customized virtual worlds created by the EWU ROTC Cadre.  1st Platoon was assessed on Movement to Contact and Attack battle drills, 2nd Platoon was assessed on Ambush and Defense battle drills, and 3rd Platoon was assessed on Recon and Raid battle drills.  Despite using gaming software, the Cadets have maintained professionalism throughout the labs as they train on using the tactical skills they learned earlier in the year on this virtual platform. The Cadets have been responding favorably to this innovative approach to training which is allowing them to conduct hands on practice of their tactical skills without relying on Powerpoint presentations that make up the vast majority of online training.

Despite the limitations caused by the current pandemic, EWU Army ROTC leadership is committed to providing the highest quality training possible to prepare our Cadets to become future Army leaders.  If you want to explore a Military Science course, it is still possible to sign up for ROTC this Spring Quarter.  If you are interested in joining us in one of our virtual classes, physical training workouts, or Leadership Labs please contact us using this link or email us at to learn more.

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Throwback Thursday: 2008 EWU Army ROTC Cannon Crew

This Throwback Thursday photo is from 2008 and shows the EWU Army ROTC Cannon Crew at Roos Field during a home football game. The then Professor of Military Science, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Millet is pictured at the center of the photo. He is still a part of the EWU community serving as the Director of the university’s Veterans Resource Center.

Anyone recognize any of the Cadets in the photo?