Jump Start 2018 Introduces New Cadets to the EWU ROTC Program

Jump Start 2018

The Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program conducted its annual Operation Jump Start between 10-14 September 2018.

The purpose of the five day event is to inprocess first year Cadets, settle them into their dorm rooms, introduce them to Army physical fitness, and conduct initial soldier skills training.  The first day of Jump Start was dedicated to receiving the new Cadets and settling them into their dorm rooms.  After a successful first day, the second day of Jump Start began with the Cadets receiving a welcome from the EWU ROTC Cadre and the Military Science Department Chair, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Stafford:

The Cadets then proceeded to conduct team building activities led by Military Science (MS) third and fourth year cadets (MS III & MS IV):

In the afternoon, the Jump Start Cadets conducted Drill and Ceremony training directed by the MS III and MS IV Cadets:

The Cadets ended day 2 by being issued their initial gear and uniforms:

A very busy Day 3 for the Cadets began with some early morning physical training (PT):

They also got to meet the EWU ROTC obstacle walls:

After PT the first year Cadets conducted classroom training on land navigation in preparation for the field portion of Jump Start that would begin later in the day:

They then applied their newly learned land navigation knowledge outside with a compass course:

The Cadets also conducted initial rifle marksmanship and movement & maneuver training:

Field Exercise

Later that afternoon the Cadets then deployed out to Seven Mile Training Area located in the forested hills north of Spokane:

The training area is within the expansive Riverside State Park that straddles the banks of the scenic Spokane River:

The Cadets spent the night outside at the training area and at dawn they woke up to a high temperature of 39 degrees.  After eating a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) breakfast the Cadets then prepped their gear in preparation for a busy day of training:

The Cadets divided into groups and conducted soldier skills training at various stations.  One of the training station featured land navigation training conducted by EWU ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) Mr. Rob Riedel:

The EWU ROTC Cadet Commanding Officer (CO) Haley Bent along with MS IV Cadet Kyle Isaacson provided instruction on proper movement techniques:

During the training lane Cadets practiced how to react to fire and conduct buddy rushes against enemy positions:

The Cadets also received instruction on how to throw grenades.  MS III Cadet James Tallakson (right) instructs a Jump Start Cadet on how to properly throw a grenade:

A major highlight of the field portion of the training was the arrival of a UH-72A Lakota helicopter flown in by Soldiers from the Washington State National Guard.  The National Guardsman provided an overview brief about the helicopter, allowed Cadets to get inside of it, and answered questions about being an officer in the National Guard:

The helicopter was crewed by (from left to right), Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cody Heathman, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dave Caporicci, and 2nd Lieutenant Brett Johnson:

The National Guardsman are part of Charlie Company, 1-112th Aviation Security and Support based out of Fairchild AFB, WA:

Final Day of Jump Start 2018

After the completion of a successful fourth day of Jump Start training, the Cadets headed back to Cheney for a well deserved night of rest.  The rest was needed because on the final day of Jump Start 2018 began with the Cadet Commanding Officer, Haley Bent leading the new Cadets on their first unit run:

During the run the Jump Start Cadets took a team picture at the entrance gate of Eastern Washington University:

The final day of Jump Start 2018 concluded with a luncheon and award ceremony for the Cadets with their parents:

Jump Start 2018 was without a doubt a great success.  A total of 33 MS I Cadets were able inprocess, move into their dorms, become familiarized with PT, and conduct basic Soldier skills training.  These talented MS I Cadets have kicked off what will be another great year for the EWU ROTC program.

Go Fighting Eagles!

2 thoughts on “Jump Start 2018 Introduces New Cadets to the EWU ROTC Program”

  1. Wow!!!! Sounds like an awesome week was had by all!! Sure a busy first week! I noticed a lot of young women in the program our awesome grand daughter is among them!!!! You go ladies!!!!

  2. Carol, the Cadets did have an awesome week. I am glad you noticed the amount of great female Cadets we have. Our ROTC battalion is currently composed of 28% females. This well above the Army percentage of 18% of officers being female:


    EWU ROTC is always looking to add more talented female Cadets and we are glad to have your granddaughter as part of our team.


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