Fighting Eagles Battalion Opens New Obstacle Course on the EWU Campus

EWU Army ROTC on May 4, 2021 opened its new obstacle course adjacent to Cadet Hall on the EWU campus.  The obstacle course opening was attended by the 8th ROTC Brigade Commander Colonel Ben Bird, the EWU President Dr. David May, many other college officials, alumni, and supporters.

EWU Army ROTC Professor of Military Science, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Stafford provides opening remarks before the opening of the obstacle course.

The $10,000 obstacle course was funded by alumni donations and allows EWU Army ROTC to better train Cadets attending Advanced Camp, competing for Airborne/Air Assault schools, and the Ranger Challenge team.

EWU Army ROTC Cadet, John Drohman hurdles over an obstacle.

Cadet Isabell Pannell climbs a wall obstacle.

Cadet Charles Golding climbs the rope obstacle.

Cadets were timed as they ran through the obstacle course with the Cadet receiving the top time receiving the “Iron Eagle” trophy from the PMS.  MS-1 Cadet Nik Chapple ended up having the fastest time during the inaugural opening of the obstacle course.

Cadet Nik Chapple holds his Iron Eagle trophy.

At the end of the obstacle course demonstration COL Bird presented the PMS, LTC Jonathan Stafford and the Assistant PMS, Major Nick Carbaugh with their end of tour awards.  Both officers served for three years at EWU Army ROTC and are now moving on to the next assignments, LTC Stafford to Japan and MAJ Carbaugh to Germany.

COL Ben Bird the 8th ROTC Brigade commander presents Meritorious Service Medals to LTC Jon Stafford and MAJ Nick Carbaugh.

More pictures from the obstacle course opening can be viewed on our EWU Army ROTC Flickr page.


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