Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1955 – 1959

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 1955 – 1959. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

1959Campbell, Ron
1959Evans, JayeInfantryActive Duty
1959Johnson, StanEngineerActive Duty
1959Lilliangreen, PaulSignal CorpsArmy Reserve
1959Linton, James
1959Matheson, Kent
1959Palmer, DickMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1959Short, BobMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1959Sullivan, RonSignal CorpsArmy Reserve
1958Owens, DeanInfantryActive Duty
1958Sperber, RonMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1958Talkington, TomSignal CorpsActive Duty
1957Burkhart, RobertEngineerArmy Reserve
1957Dickerson, JonField ArtilleryActive Duty
1957Bowen, CarlMedical Service CorpsActive Duty
1957Burkhart, RobertEngineerArmy Reserve
1957Butts, RoyField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1957Clark, DennisSignal CorpsArmy Reserve
1957Dickerson, JonField ArtilleryActive Duty
1957Henry, DavidSignal CorpsArmy Reserve
1957Jefferis, RobertField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1957Johnson, AlvenField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1957Johnson, WayneInfantryArmy Reserve
1957O'Brien, ClaudeMilitary PoliceArmy Reserve
1957Sherwood, DanSignal CorpsActive Duty
1957Siegel, EugeneMilitary PoliceArmy Reserve
1957White, JamesInfantryArmy Reserve
1957Williams, RichardField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1957Wolford, RobertField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1956Bernd, RoySignal CorpsActive Duty
1956Braddock, DavidInfantryActive Duty
1956Garner, JohnInfantryArmy Reserve
1956Gower, JohnnyField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1956Hoagland, WilliamInfantryArmy Reserve
1956Kramer, KevinField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1956Laughbon, RichardQuartermasterActive Duty
1956Moos, HowardField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1956Wakefield, JerryField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1955Arlt, KennethField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1955Corkins, RobertField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1955Edwards, RichardInfantryActive Duty
1955Eylar, FrankArmorArmy Reserve
1955Hallett, DuncanOrdnanceArmy Reserve
1955Hoag, EarlSignal CorpsArmy Reserve
1955Uyeno, HowardField ArtilleryArmy Reserve
1955White, LouisInfantryArmy Reserves

3 thoughts on “Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1955 – 1959”

  1. This is a wonderful undertaking and is another indication of the fine leadership and management efforts going on at EWU ROTC.
    Missing on the ’59 list is my branch, Corps of Engineers, active (30 years)
    I can think of a few names of people who were commissioned with me in 1959.
    The first is Jaye Evans, Infantry who I served with later in Germany and we were classmates at the Special Warfare School before going to Vietnam. Ron Campbell, James Linton (Cadet Col in 59), Kent Matheson (star of the basketball team) Dick ? Little All American Football player killed in a postwar accident in Korea. I will put my thinking cap on and see who else I can recall.

    Two others in other years who I have information about are –
    Bob Schroeder ’57 or ’58 commissioned Engineer
    Tom Quigley ’69 was commissioned Engineer at served a full career ending up as an )-6

  2. Roy Bernd Col Signal Corps 1956 should be added .
    Tom Talkington Col Signal Corps Active 1958.
    Some of officers listed as Commissioned in 57 were class of 58 with me.


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