Risk Assessments

On Campus Events

Off Campus Events/Travel

Campus Filming Request

I Need Help With…

Request Proof of Insurance

Request Risk Waiver/Release

Student Internship Insurance

For EWU students who are completing internships/clinicals/etc.

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Click here to learn more about Risk Management

Driver Safety Program

File an Incident Report

When there is an accident, injury, near miss, chemical spill, biohazard, fire, or other safety issue on campus, a member of the campus community must report the incident.  Follow this link to report an incident, or to get more information about incident reporting.

Special Risk Areas

Youth Programs

Detailed information for Camp Programs and other activities involving minors.

International Travel

Detailed information for EWU employees and students travelling internationally.

International Travel Insurance

Insurance Policies

Information about EWU Insurance Policies – what’s covered and what’s not.

Information Security & Data Breach

Use this link to report a suspected breach of personal information, university data, university IT systems, or other data security issue, including Phishing emails, viruses, malware, etc.