Richard Murphy Selected as an EWU McNair Scholar and Awarded Summer Research Internship

Richard Murphy Selected as an EWU McNair ScholarCongratulations to new McNair Scholar Richard Murphy! Richard was selected by the McNair Scholars' selection committee on the basis of his passion for research, commitment to attaining a PhD, and overall potential for success in graduate school.


The federally-funded TRIO Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program at EWU selects motivated and talented juniors and seniors who are first-generation and low-income college students, and/or from groups underrepresented at the doctoral level to introduce them to academic research and provide them with effective strategies for getting into and graduating from PhD programs.


Richard Murphy is an undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University. His three declared majors are Philosophy, Political Science, and International Affairs with an emphasis on Global Socio-Economic Development. Richard is also pursuing a minor in Spanish. As the Vice President of both the Philosophy Club and the International Affairs Community at EWU, Richard recognizes the utility of taking interdisciplinary approaches to our most sophisticated and pressing issues of the 21st Century. As a student ambassador with the People-to-People program, Richard experienced first-hand what traveling to other countries can provide to diversifying one’s exposure, and has translated that into his studies revolving around International Affairs. Under the mentorship of Professor Thomas Hawley, PhD, Richard plans to focus his research on the phenomena of societal internalization of Neoliberalism, and the societal consequences of establishing competitive markets in historically non-marketed realms of our lives.


We look forward to accompanying Richard as his research unfolds!

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