EWU McNair Scholar Darlene Gilroy Awarded Two Scholarships

Darlene Gilroy Scholarship Announcements 2020

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Darlene Gilroy! Darlene has been awarded the Penelope A. Jones Scholarship and the HOME Program Scholarship. Darlene's EWU McNair research has focused on the chemical weathering of volcanic sediments under the mentorship of Dr. Carmen Nezat. She has presented on this project at the 2019 Murdock College Science Research Conference in Tacoma WA, the 2020 WE-STEM conference at EWU, and the EWU Virtual Symposium. Darlene would like to focus future research in areas such as Anthropogenic Climate Change and Natural and Geologic Hazards through the lens of Geochemistry. 

We're so proud of Darlene and excited to see her hard work recognized!

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