McNair Virtual Seminars and Services Include Numerous Cross-campus Collaborations

The McNair program coordinates with programs across Eastern's campus to provide academic support, scholarly workshops, seminars and other support services for our scholars, and we thank our fellow EWU faculty and staff from JFK Library, the Writers' Center, and Career Services who presented (via Zoom) to our McNair research interns in our spring and summer seminars. We also thank the numerous other offices that support our program, including Account's Payable, Purchasing, Records and Registration, among many others.


JFK Research Librarian, Dr. Liya Deng, created a McNair Research Methods page specifically for McNair researchers to provide them links to a wealth of information to support their developing research skills and knowledge. She presented via Zoom to the scholars on how to navigate through this page, and the library has been instrumental in supporting our McNair research projects.

Congratulations to Dr. Deng for her promotion to Associate Professor!

(We look forward to the day when we can celebrate face-to-face!)


Thank you also to Justin Otto, Interim Dean of the Library and Learning Commons who worked with us to create a McNair Collection in the Digital Commons where you can view an archive of some of our scholars' great work!

McNair collaborates extensively with staff from the Writers' Center, and want to thank Assistant Director Gail Forsgreen, Carlos Munoz, Benjamin Caldwell, Taylor Kensel, Darcy Bradley, John Bladek and all the other staff who continue to support the ongoing path of our emerging academic writers.


Thank you EWU Career Services Advisor, Najeda Patolo, MS, who presented a workshop called "Building Your CV," and continues to support the McNair program and scholars.






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