Christina Ramelow, MS, Eastern McNair alum, and first year neuroscience PhD student in Emory University, teaches Summer 2020 Zoom Seminars for McNair Research Interns

Christina Ramelow, MS


Christina Ramelow, MS obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in molecular biotechnology and a minor in chemistry from Eastern Washington University (EWU) in spring of 2018. During her time as an undergrad, she participated in the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program and the NSF S-STEM Scholar Program where she first discovered her passion for biomedical research during her first research experience. In fall 2016, her interests expanded when she began research with Dr. Ochoa-Repáraz.


Their team focused on the role of the gut microbiota regulating central nervous system (CNS) inflammatory demyelination using a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. In 2017, she was selected into the McNair Scholars Program, where in her summer research project with McNair, she investigated whether disease increased intestinal permeability, which would constitute a mechanism of inflammation in EAE. As an undergraduate, she found a passion for biomedical research, outreach and mentoring, which she expanded upon as an Eastern biology graduate student.


In spring of 2020, she earned a Master of Science in Biology at EWU focusing on the neuroprotective mechanism of an isoprenol known as farnesol on an animal model of multiple sclerosis. She was selected as the 2020 “Outstanding Graduate Student” for EWU’s CSTEM.


As Eastern's McNair Summer Seminar Series continued on-line in summer 2020, Zoom allowed us to coordinate workshops and seminars with experts from around the country, and we were lucky to have Christina Ramelow present the following workshops from Michigan (on her way to begin her neuroscience PhD program at Emory University in Atlanta, GA)

Currently, Ms. Ramelow is a first-year neuroscience PhD student at Emory University. Her research interests include understanding neuro-immune and neuroinflammatory processes, elucidating the cellular and molecular pathways that govern diseases of the nervous system and designing novel treatments for neuropathologies. Her academic and career goals are focused on developing skills to be a well-rounded researcher, mentor and future professor.

For more info about Christina, please click this link to her EWU McNair page.


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