Phone Call Home

A phone call home can be used for any student any time he or she has done something in the classroom that they deserve to be recognized for. The teacher will simply call home, ask for the student, recognize he or she for something they have done well or have been working hard at, and then say goodbye.

Phone a Friend

The tool is a telephone outline picture with 6 empty spots on it that each student will get. The students will pair up (6 different times) and write the name of their partner on one of the numbers in their telephone, the other partner will do the same. Each pair will have the others’ name in the same number spot so that the number spots are matching. This will be used for grouping.

Community Pencil Dispencer

A community pencil dispenser is just one of many individual components of community supplies. Making writing implements readily available to all students helps relieve some of the stress students may face when they are unable to provide their own materials, or even if they’ve simply forgotten to bring something with them on a given day.

Name Dropping Interference

Name dropping interference is a corrective tool used to let students know when they are off task. Teachers aren’t directly pointing out their behavior but rather saying the students name to get their attention and have them answer a question or show the class an example. It is helpful to keep students on task and a good reminder for them to stay on task.

Community Circle

The community circle is a tool where teachers have students sit alongside them in a circle and talk about a prompt that the teacher gives. Students then pass around a certain object and share their thoughts and feelings about that prompt. This tool is helpful in a classroom because it gives the class the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the topic at hand.

Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are short mental pauses lasting no longer than 2 minutes that are designed to facilitate focus and attentiveness. For a variety of reasons including long lessons, impending holidays, or upcoming tests, students can collectively begin to lose that focus. Brain Breaks are intended to be fun and stimulating by offering a sporadic change from the norm (and sometimes mundane).

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness is a tool used in the beginning of the year where students first pick one envelope each where it has an act of kindness written in it. Their next step is to do that act of kindness and take a picture or write about what they did. It is helpful as it shows students different ways they can show kindness to each other.