Walk and Talk

This tool allows the teacher and student(s) to have a meaningful conversation addressing concerns from both parties about issues that have arose. The Walk and Talk strategy also pushes the student to take responsibility and determine a solution to fix the issue. This tool is helpful because it addresses and aims to correct the issue without damaging the student-teacher relationship.

Morning Movement

After morning procedures, the teacher will conduct a daily “Morning Movement”, where students will follow along with a youtube dance video such as the Just Dance video game. This allows for students to have an opportunity to be active in the morning, helping them get ready for the day.

Daily Zones Check-in

Every morning, when students first sit down, they will fill out the “Zones Check-in” Slip. The teacher will collect these slips and will be able to quickly sort through them, in order to gauge exactly how all of their students are feeling, with no interruption or distraction. This will also give the students an opportunity to alert to the teacher that they might not be doing so great and need to talk with the teacher.