Two Compliments About Your Work

This tool is a helpful, supportive tool to allow students to engage in positive collaboration, and give compliments to other students. This activity helps students engage in thinking critically about what they’re viewing and what they like about someone else’s work. During this time, one student will be elected to use the projector to present their work. That student will then call on to students to give compliments about the presenting student’s work.

Rollercoaster Brain Break

When students need a brain break, put on a rollercoaster simulation video. Have your students act in their seats like they are on a rollercoaster ride. This is a fun activity that gives your students an engaging but timely brain break that gives them a quick reset so they will be ready to learn.

Busy Box

This tool is used to support students during learning. This old lunch box has a variety of different fidgets and brain flakes to help students focus, calm down, or reset. It is all inside a box that students can grab when needed and easily clean up when they are finished.