Turn and Talk

Student Contributor: S. Morfin
This tool is an effective way to encourage student collaboration and communication. You have students partner up and share their ideas during a lesson.

This tool is a simple and easy way to help students develop many skills. This includes speaking, listening skills and collaboration skills. Students are also more likely to be engaged within the lesson. I believe this helps grow more student participation within the classroom. Sometimes students are asked to share their ideas in front of the class and many are hesitant and shy. When you give students the opportunity to share to their thoughts to one partner, it takes the pressure off and it is much more likely that they actually communicate their ideas. It creates an interactive environment. As well has helps them see their partners perspective and thinking.

I placed Turn and Talk in the supportive phase because I believe that is the one that fits best. Turn and Talk is a great tool to use throughout the year. It encourages more active engagement in the classroom as well as collaboration. It gives students an opportunity to share their ideas with a partner more confidently. This helps develop their communication skills and social skills which are very important. I believe the collaborative theory fits best for this tool. Students are encouraged to work as a team and listen to one another. Students also get the chance to listen to their peers perspective and build on each others ideas. A teacher might ask a question and ask students to turn to a partner to discuss or find a possible answer together.

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Tool Source: I got this idea from my college classes.

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