Apology Bookmarks

Student Contributor: Hannah Sale
This is a bookmark that teaches students how to apologize without having to overcomplicate the apology or not say enough. It also helps students resolve conflict on their own without getting the teacher involved.

On one side there are feelings listed so that students can check off what emotion they are experiencing. On the other side is a guide on how to apologize to some using 4 steps. Teaching students how to properly apologize to others supports their development of healthy communication and relationships. This also allows students to practice solving their conflicts on their own without getting the teacher involved. It is important to model scenarios with students and allow them to practice apologizing to their peers as well. I have not seen this tool being used, but I wish it would be taught in every classroom because I know adults who still need help apologizing healthily, and have also seen students in my placement not apologize correctly.

I chose to categorize this tool as supportive because it supports students' SEL as well as their communication and independence. This tool can be placed in all three categories depending on the classroom. For instance, if you notice students are having issues and are not apologizing then you can teach them how to properly apologize (corrective phase). If you want to teach students how to properly apologize at the beginning of the year you can teach them how to properly apologize before an issue arises (preventative). Even though this tool can fit into all three categories I still stand firm in keeping it supportive because it supports students social growth and development. I chose to classify this tool as student-directed/collaborative because students will be taking matters into their own hands once they learn how to apologize. This bookmark is just a tool that students can use to base their apologies on, they can choose to craft their apologies which is why it is student-directed. It can be collaborative because students and I can create an apology together if need be and add or remove anything that we do or don't like.

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Tool Source: I got this idea from a website from a teacher named Emily!

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