Admiration Station

Student Contributor: G. Bunten
This tool is to creating a safe classroom community where students fill one another’s bucket. It creates a positive learning environment where students recognize the importance of compliments. Giving compliments makes students motivation for kindness intrinsic and on the receiving end, a student gets a confidence boost.

This tool needs a specific location in the classroom where students can grab a piece of colorful paper and write a compliment about a peer. They will then put the compliment in the compliment box at the admiration station and sign their name on the note. In the beginning of class, an assigned classroom job is having a student pass out the compliments to the receivers. This is so that students start their day off in a positive way by receiving kind words. The expectations are that the notes are school appropriate and target a quality or act of kindness of their peer.

The tool relates to the supportive phase because students are building a strong and safe classroom community. Students spread positivity and kind words to their peers which strengthens classroom relationships. This tool is primarily student directed because they are in charge of self-regulating their behavior. In a student-directed theory of influence, students are caring and collaborating with one another. This is a form of social emotional learning because complimenting is a social skill that is learned. If I notice that students are arguing or showing unkind behaviors, this is a way to correct (corrective) them with an admiration station. This can also help reduce or eliminate classroom conflict through the preventative phase.

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Tool Source: Mrs. Becker

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