Rollercoaster Brain Break

Student Contributor: M. Kem
When students need a brain break, put on a rollercoaster simulation video. Have your students act in their seats like they are on a rollercoaster ride. This is a fun activity that gives your students an engaging but timely brain break that gives them a quick reset so they will be ready to learn.

When you see or notice that your students need a brain break put on a rollercoaster simulator. (The videos are on youtube). You can also have the students look at the class schedule every day and have them decide when they might need this brain break. Students usually start to act out right away like they are on the rollercoaster. I used this strategy in my 5th grade class and they loved it. They put their arms in the air and move depending on what the simulation is doing. You can find up to a 2-minute rollercoaster simulation to a 10-minute simulation depending on how long you want the brain break for. You could also have a student pick what rollercoaster simulation they want to do.

This is in the supportive phase because you notice that your students need a break. This supports them with their learning and academics by having students have a quick break so they can focus after. When you don't incorporate these brain breaks students get unmotivated and tired from learning. Students need to move around and have a reset to be focused and ready to go. This strategy is student based learning because it keeps the students in mind. You can also have students pick the time of day when they could use this brain break. Have the students decide when they need this break during the class schedule time in the morning.

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