Early Finisher Options

Teachers can use light-up buttons to stick on the wall/whiteboard and have options next to each button. The teacher will then light up the options that they allow students to do once their work is finished. This allows the students to visually see their options without having to ask the teacher. To make it more student-directed/collaborative teachers can ask students prior in the day what they want the options to be.

The Hallway Song

This is a tool we use in my classroom to help remind students of hallway expectations. Even if the class is out of control, and some students are not in line or paying attention, when we begin to sing this song, every student turns around, faces forward, sings along, and gets ready to walk in the hall with a zero voice, this tool works as a preventative procedure for hallway expectations.

NOISE Tracker

The NOISE Tracker allows students or teacher to quietly alert the class when our noise level is getting too high. When it gets too loud, a student or the teacher can remove a letter from the end of the word “NOISE” (which will be posted at the front of the class). Once only “N” and “O” are left, a class meeting will be called and consequences will be discussed.

Phone Storage

This is a wall organizer that is used for students to place their phones in during the school day. They can put them there by choice but mostly it is used after students are caught on their phones several times then it’s kept in the wall holder until the end of the day. It’s helpful in keeping the kids focused on their learning and prevents further distractions.