Silent Signals

Silent signals are a few predetermined hand signals/sign language symbols that students are able to use to ask permission from the teacher for simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or getting a drink. This procedure helps to prevent distraction in the classroom and allows for daily tasks to be carried out more smoothly.

Cross the River

Cross the River can be used to help students build community and respect for one another. Because students are asked to collaborate and work together to formulate a solution to the problem presented to them with limited resources, this activity will help students establish relationships with each other and move towards being able to work as a team.

Responsive Classroom Big 3

There are 3 goals of creating rules in the Responsive Classroom approach to discipline. They are 1) establish guidelines and expectations for positive behavior, 2) create a sense of order and safety- both physical and psychological in the classroom, and 3) teach children the purpose of rules by connecting the rules to learning goals.

Postive Notes Home

Positive notes home can come in many different forms, whether they are premade or hand written. It is a great tool to show your support to students. It shows that the teacher cares and recognizes good behavior from the student and then sends it home so that the parents know their child is recognized as well. This not only makes the students feel supported and cared about, but also makes the parents feel this way too.