Appealing Classrooms

Student Contributor: C. Hernandez
Appealing classroom can be used to nurture reflective thinking. Having cool tone colors and uncluttered rooms can create a positive classroom that will proactively prevent student misbehavior.

There is a great power in color. Color can have a psychological, emotional, and mental effect on students learning. Bright colors like reds, yellows, and orange over stimulate students. Having bright colors in the classroom makes it hard for the students to focus on learning and it increases discipline problems. On the other hand, cool colors like greens and blues are soothing, calming, and inviting to students. It is recommended that for preschool and elementary classroom they use tones like light salmon, soft warm yellow, pale yellow orange, coral, or peach. For upper grade and secondary classrooms, it is recommended to use colors that are beige pale, light green, or blue-green. Another element to keep in mind is that having cluttered classrooms also affects the learning of the students. Students who have the most difficulty focusing on learning are the ones most distracted by the clutter. Creating pleasing and uncluttered classrooms can prevent distractions and behavioral issues.

I placed appealing classrooms in the Preventative category because that is the best fit. Appealing classrooms is a tool that needs to be set up at the beginning of the year because it will proactively prevent or reduce distractions and student misbehavior. Teachers need to set up their room in advance to reduce or eliminate conditions that are known to promote misbehavior like clutter and brighte colors. I placed it in the preventative phase because this could be done before school begins by making sure that the classroom is welcoming, neat, attractive that can promote a positive classroom environment. As a prevention tactic appealing classroom could fit in any theory of influence. The reason that appealing classroom could fit with any theory of influence is because the ultimate goal of each influence is to build a respectful communities, maintain a safe environment, and make teaching and learning run smoothly.

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Tool Source: I got this idea of having appealing classroom from the reading “Aesthetically Pleasing” by Kovalik, S.

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