Warm and Fuzzies

Warm and Fuzzies are notes from peers complimenting a student on something or telling them something good that they can take home with them. The notes must focus on positives and are helpful because even if students had a rough day they are able to take something positive home with them to end their day on a good note.

Sticky Note Check-In

Students write how they are feeling that morning on the back of a sticky note (i.e. the side with the sticky on it), and stick it on the white board, so the face of the sticky note is blank and their feelings are kept anonymous on the back. This tool gives the teacher the ability to know how their students are feeling that morning and can kind of gauge how the day will go.

Quiet Coyote

Quiet coyote is used to get the classes attention when they are working on an assignment and it may be loud in the classroom. It is an easy signal to show that their eyes need to be on the teacher, their ears are open and listening, and their mouths are closed. This is used if you need to tell the class something quick and then they get back to work. This tool is not really a transition tool.

Natural Consequences

Natural consequences are the outcomes or the consequence that happens as a result of the behavior. They are not preplanned consequences the teacher has in place if something happens. This tool is helpful because the consequence will naturally happen and be connected with the actual misbehavior, therefore it will make sense to the child.

Cool Down Cubes

Cool down cubes are a simple tool made from reusable ice cubes to help students who become emotional and need help calming back down. Each cube has a different “safe cool down strategy” that the child can complete to aid in bringing their emotions back into control.