12-Sided Fidget Cube

Student Contributor: M. Ohland
The 12-Sided Fidget Cube is a perfect tool for students who have trouble focusing or are dealing with anxiety. There are 12 different sides with different fidgets that the students can use.

This tool has 12 different sides. They usually consist of a gear, a rotating disk, a button, a silicone ball, a switch, a joystick, a silicone rope, a soft button, a soft silicone, a worry stone, a sliding block, and a something to pinch. This tool does not make a lot of noise so it will not be a distraction to the rest of the class. This tool is a good resource for students who have a hard time focusing and those who have anxiety. This is not a toy; it is a tool for students who really need it. In elementary school I remember seeing a classmate with one and thought it was pretty cool and I noticed that it did help him focus.

This tool best relates to the supportive phase because it helps the students who struggle with focusing on their work. It could relate to the preventative phase because it prevents the student from having a behavior problem since they cannot focus, however it would not fall under this phase because it is more of a supporting tool. The 12-sided fidget cube could fall under the corrective phase because it corrects the misbehaviors that come with not getting work done, however it would not fall under this phase because it needs to support them rather than punish them. The Theory of Influence that it would best fall under is Student-Directed because it to support the student who is struggling not the teacher or rest of the class.

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Tool Source: I found the idea for this tool in an article on Cool Fidget Toys.

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