Tap Your Need

Student Contributor: P. Solis
This tool is to show students that they all have needs and throughout the day as things get tough their classmates might struggle with them. As a class when they need a hug, high five, or positive comment they can tap the sign in the classroom and another classmate who also has the same need can give it to them.

Some place near the door place a sign with different needs. These needs can be a hug, high five, a positive comment, or someone to have lunch with. Before students go out to recesses, they have to tap the sign depending on the need that they might have that day. All the students are required to look at what their classmates are tapping and before they go outside, they are to find someone who tapped the same thing they did and give them that need. This way students see that all of their classmates have similar needs and on different days they might experience different needs than some of their classmates but on other days they might have similar needs.

This tool would be categorized as supportive phase because as a teacher you know that your students will struggle, and they are going to need support from one another. As a teacher I believe it can be hard to meet the needs of all of our students but this way we are teaching them that they have the support of each other and that they all have similar needs and have harsh days when all they need is a hug. By using this tool, we are showing them to count on each other, not only this but it can also bring them closer together. They might not talk to all of their class mates but if two whom never talk are having a harsh day then that might bring them closer together.

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