Individual Points Sheets

Student Contributor: J.Moore
This tool is used when you are doing table group points but a student within a table group needs to have more through points. This is helpful because it gives the student an opportunity to reflect on their day after the teacher has filled out their points form.

To use an Individual points Sheet, you need a small sheet of paper that has the predetermined categories and point values assigned to each one. With the student, you need to decide how many points they need to earn to gain a prize. I am using this with one of my students because he needs the extra push to gain and lose points individually. We have agreed that he needs to earn 20 points to get a prize each day. He is super willing to work with me and he is very receptive to the feedback that he is given, even when he is having a bad week. Something that you need to keep in mind is that there need to be no hidden points because you want this to be a tool that the student and you collaborated on not a punishment for behavior. This is a tool that multiple other students want to have the opportunity to use.

This tool relates to the phase of Preventative because this is a tool that helps prevent behavioral issues from occurring. This tool does relate to the other two phases because it can be supportive for the student as it pushes them to want to work harder. It is also corrective because it helps correct behavioral issues by allowing the student to work with the teacher to come up with a solution to the issue. The Theory of Influence that fits best is Collaborative. This theory fits best because the tool is having the student collaborate with the teacher to create an agreed-upon set of expectations and what those expectations look like for the student to follow. This tool also allows the student to collaborate with the teacher at the end of the day when going over the points. This allows the student to create a plan for the next day on how to gain more points.

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Tool Source: Sara Holwegner- My mentor teacher,restating%20expectations%2C%20and%2For%20reminding%20students%20of%20their%20goals.

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