Checking in with your students consistently after introducing a lesson to them can be extremely helpful in keeping students on track, accountable, and engaged. Students may be distracted or zoned out but by seeing where everyone is at and asking people to give examples, other students are forced to snap back into their learning.

Too Bouncy, Too Noisy!

This tool is a noise meter resource you can access online. It has a variety of settings that be changed based on noise sensitivity, a variety of different bouncy visuals that can be chosen, and a variety of settings if you choose to have a sound play when it is too loud. This helps maintain volume control in your classroom and gives students a fun visual to see to help them maintain their inside voices.

Daily class schedule

The class schedule is a tool that helps students know what to expect from the day and mentally and physically prepare themselves for the upcoming activities. This is helpful because students like to know what is expected of them and what they are going to be doing throughout the day.

Walk and Talk

This tool allows the teacher and student(s) to have a meaningful conversation addressing concerns from both parties about issues that have arose. The Walk and Talk strategy also pushes the student to take responsibility and determine a solution to fix the issue. This tool is helpful because it addresses and aims to correct the issue without damaging the student-teacher relationship.