Gamify Personal learning plans

Student Contributor: B. Caballero
This tool is a way to turn student classwork into games to encourage them to work towards something. It is helpful for keeping students interested.

This tool should be used based on classwork or behavior. The example the website used was if a student scores 80% on a quiz, then they get 8,000 XP (experience points). A lot of students like video games and this can help encourage them to strive for better scores. Also, if they had a good day in class behaviorally, the student can meet with the teacher at the end of the day and they can discuss a “point” system. For example, if the student did well that day, did not talk out of turn, worked really hard during lessons, then the student and teacher can decide how many points the student scored for the day. The teacher and student can even set weekly goals for how many points or XP they should try to receive.

I would put this tool in all three phases of management. The tool supports the learning and behavior of the student by striving towards a certain score. The system can also help correct student behaviors that may already be reoccurring. The tool can also be preventative for the student’s lack of motivation or urges to act out during class time. I would also say that this tool best fits with referent authority because if used correctly, it should be collaborative between the teacher and the student. The system should be something that the student and the teacher design together which will help the student-teacher relationship improve.

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