Making Positive Letters and Phone Calls

Student Contributor: B. Caballero
This tool is intended to help keep students happy outside of class as well. The idea is to make complimentary phone calls or letters and give them to their parents about something their child did well.

This tool is designed to take compliments and praise further outside of the classroom. It is a help to give recognition to students from their parents and not just from the teacher. This can give students praise at home so they really feel recognized and it gives their parents an update on how they are doing in the classroom. Before this is done the personalities and involvement of their parents or legal guardians should be considered. In other words, make sure their home life is appropriate for a phone call or a letter sent home and that the parents will be willing to give their child this type of praise.

I would put this tool in the supportive phase of management and a little bit of preventative as well. I would not put this tool in the corrective phase because it is not intended to correct any behaviors, it is intended to encourage the child to continue these behaviors. It is supporting them in continuing what they did well and also preventing them to think to do anything less than that standard in the future. I think this tool fits best with referent authority because the student will appreciate that the teacher went out of their way to also let their parents know that they went above and beyond, which will strengthen the relationship between the teacher and the student.

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