Partner Voice Level Chart

Student Contributor: G. Eden
Maintaining voice level is hard for the classroom, especially during partner work. These cards are reminders of what our voice level should be while in partner groups.

This is a tool that will help remind students of the voice level they should keep during working together. Sometimes, when students work together it is hard to manage the whole classroom and focus on everyone’s noise level and behavior. With these cards, you can tell students what level they should be talking at and they set the card on their desk which helps serve as a reminder for them. This allows the students to be responsible for their actions because they have the expectation clear in front of them.

I placed this tool in the supportive phase because the tool helps support the wanted learning environment. I didn’t put it in the preventative phase because it isn’t something that you do before students arrive to make the environment better but it is something that we would do during the lesson. I think that this fits right in the middle of the continuum of the Theory of Influence. I put it in collaboration because both the teacher and students are working to make this strategy work. The teacher establishes the expectation that voices should be a certain level but the card reminder helps students hold responsibility for their actions which gives us our student-centered side.

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