Life Skills Brag Bracelets

Student Contributor: C. Skaife
Teachers give their students paper bracelets that have statements about the life skills in our classrooms. This encourages students to have positive behaviors in the classroom to get a bracelet to wear around school, and take home.

Teachers give their students bracelets with sayings like “I was responsible today”, “I showed effort today”, “I was patient today”. On the backs of these bracelets the teacher can write a note with the specific action that student took to receive a brag bracelet. The student will get to wear the bracelet around school, and get to take it home to show their parents. This gives teachers a chance to recognize something positive that all of their students have done. We can always find something positive about our students that we should praise. This tool is beneficial because the student gets noticed for their positive behaviors, and also shows the students that we are there to support them. Overall this is a fun way to make all of your students feel special for using one of the life skills in your classroom.

This tool fits in the preventative phase because it helps encourage positive behavior for all of our students. Teachers giving out these bracelets with little messages can prevent behavioral problems from arising. This tool could also be used in the corrective phase. If you have a student who has been struggling with their behavior, you can always find a life skill that a student is doing well and recognize them for it. This might improve some of the behavioral issues. I believe that this fits in the teacher directed theory. It is teacher directed because the teacher is finding positive life skills about our students and recognizing them because of that positive life skill, students are not really involved in using this tool.

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