Name Dropping Interference

Student Contributor: M. Guthrie
Name dropping interference is a corrective tool used to let students know when they are off task. Teachers aren’t directly pointing out their behavior but rather saying the students name to get their attention and have them answer a question or show the class an example. It is helpful to keep students on task and a good reminder for them to stay on task.

Name dropping interference should never be used to embarrass or call out the student but to be used to keep them on track. Some students will not realize that you are trying to keep them on task but that you just want them to voice their opinions or ideas about the topic or lesson discussed. When they hear their name they are then redirected to what they are supposed to be doing. Other students also will be unaware of the student being off task because you are just simply asking the student to answer a question. I have seen this in many different classrooms of all grades.

This tool is in the corrective phase because it is used to correct the students behavior. I believe this can also be used in the supportive phase because of the way you are interfering to get the student on task again. You are supporting their emotional needs by not humiliating them in front of the whole class. I think this is something that is more teacher directed as the teacher is initiating the interference however the student has the choice to respond, how to respond, and then how to fix their behavior. The very important thing to remember when using this corrective tool is to never let your students believe that you are belittling them or trying to embarrass them in any way.

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Tool Source: Gus Nollmeyer, The Corrective Phase, Immediate Response

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