Plastic Fruit Groups

Student Contributor: S. Dianda
Using fruit groups is a great way to pair (no pun intended) students into partners or small groups.

The teacher will need 2 of each kind of fruit. They are then passed out by the teacher to the students, who are then asked to find their matching fruit. This will be their partner. There are other ways to use this as well. A teacher can say (if they are needing groups of 4), “All apples and oranges, please go to table 1.”

This is a tool for the Supportive phase because it helps during instruction. This is a grouping method that can be used in any classroom to minimize students always being with their best friend, and breaks up the groups. It is also helpful for those students who are a bit shy when it comes to finding a partner, so eliminated any corrective action that could take place. This is something that can be used in a teacher centered classroom as well. It is a very versatile grouping technique.

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Tool Source: This is a grouping method that Gus Nollmeyer used in our class, and I liked it.

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