Phone a Friend

Student Contributor: M. Foraker
The tool is a telephone outline picture with 6 empty spots on it that each student will get. The students will pair up (6 different times) and write the name of their partner on one of the numbers in their telephone, the other partner will do the same. Each pair will have the others’ name in the same number spot so that the number spots are matching. This will be used for grouping.

Once each student has their phone filled out with 6 different names. The teacher can use this as a grouping strategy. Any time that the teacher wants students to group up, they will roll a die and whichever number the die lands on (1-6), the students will “phone a friend” and pair up with the partner that is in their phone corresponding to the number that was rolled on the die. For example, The teacher rolls a number 3 on the die, students will find their partner in slot number 3 on their phone.

This tool will be used in the preventative phase becasue this will allow students to get into groups quickly and easily if needed to without teacher assistance. This tool will avoid students taking too long to find a partner, leaving students out, arguing over a specific partner, and more. This grouping tool could also be used as a supportive tool as well because it supports student grouping and allows each student to have a partner. This tool best fits the student-directed and collaborative theories because this allows students to pick 6 partners that they would like to have throughout grouping activities and then creates a quick and easy way for students to pair up by themselves.

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Tool Source: Gus Nollmeyer

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