Exit Information


When we are making major changes in our lives, such as moving to another location or changing jobs, it is easy to forget to return University keys and property. Therefore, the university has designed the following checklist to assist employees in clearing their obligations.


  1. Simply take whatever action is needed to make certain that either all items on the list below have been returned or that appropriate action has been taken to clear your obligations to the University.
    • Department equipment and materials, including university issued cell phones have been returned.
    • Keys and ID card have been turned into the Key Shop.
    • Parking citations have been paid.
    • Outstanding payroll obligations have been paid. Contact Payroll at 359-2325 for questions.
    • Library/media materials have been returned.
    • Grades have been turned in.
    • Separation/leave without pay options have been discussed with Benefits at 359-2488 .
    • Travel obligations have been met.
    • Communication Services (IT) has been notified of separation (ext. 2247).
  2. When the checklist is complete, please contact the Payroll at 359-2325. They will verify that all obligations have been met and arrange for your final paycheck to be issued . Please also be sure to provide a forwarding address (if applicable).