Student Recruiting Policies

Your usage of Career Center services implies your agreement to
these policies:

Appointment Policy for Career Advising

The EWU Career Center is committed to student and alumni success. We know each person has unique needs and the number and type of appointments may differ. Because of this, we don’t have a formal limit to the number of appointments a student or alum can make to seek Career Center support.

Instead, we’ve created the following guidelines to supplement the “No-Show Policy for Appointments with Career Center Staff” to ensure everyone’s needs are met, and that their time is spent addressing those needs. Please keep in mind our Career Advising team is generous with their time and talent, but their support is highly sought-after, and they have a finite number of appointments available.

-          Take advantage of workshops, Career Center resources, and the Career Squad before scheduling your appointment. These will help you better prepare for an appointment, articulate your needs, and achieve your goals much sooner.

-          Clearly outline your needs/goals when scheduling an appointment. In Handshake, you can do this by utilizing the comment section when requesting the appointment.

-          During the appointment, focus on your goals for that meeting. The Career Advisor will ask questions to help build context and may recommend a follow-up appointment as needed.

-          After the appointment, put what you’ve learned and/or discussed into practice. It can often seem like a lot, but small steps lead to progress. For example, update your cover letter or resume, practice interviewing or salary negotiation techniques with a friend, or find new professionals with which to network. These activities will all help you refine your skills and make your next appointment more productive.

-          If you schedule a follow-up appointment with the same Career Advisor, be prepared to show how you’ve put into practice what you learned during the previous appointment.

-          If you schedule time with a different Career Advisor, be prepared to share what you’ve already learned and how you’ve put that into practice.

-          If the Career Advisors feel that a student or alum is not making the desired progress or following through on their own after advising appointments, we may revoke their ability to schedule appointments for the remainder of the academic year. They may still attend Career Center programs and Events.

Handshake Policy Statement

Handshake offers Eastern Washington University students and alumni access to job and internship postings, on-campus interviews, employer presentations and job/graduate school fairs. Ethical use of this system ensures fair use for all students and employers. The following four policies are designed to encourage ethical use. Your usage of the system implies your agreement to these policies and EWU Career Center practices.

This policy serves as a framework for professional behavior and personal responsibility. Policy terms may change at any time at the discretion of EWU Career Center.

No-Show policy for appointments with Career Center staff

If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, it negatively impacts other students' access to Career Center appointments.  A limited number of appointments are available each week, and demand for those times is high. We will enforce the following consequences when a student fails to show up for a scheduled appointment.

Note: We will clear no-shows at the start of each academic year, and they will not carry over from year to year. To regain your ability to use these services, you must meet with our Associate Director to discuss your no-shows and request your access be reinstated.

There is a separate policy for no-show appointments with guest employers, organization representatives, and non-Career Center staff that have been scheduled by EWU Career Center.

This policy serves as a framework for professional behavior and personal responsibility. Policy terms may change at any time at the discretion of EWU Career Center.

Policies for events involving employers and recruiters

These guidelines determine the consequences for late cancelations and no-shows to any events involving an employer or recruiter. These events include but are not limited to:

  • On-campus interviews
  • Networking and etiquette events
  • Workshops
  • Employer panels
  • Hosted office hours

We encourage students to pursue only opportunities that genuinely interest them, and to make informed choices before scheduling an interview or committing to a time. If you cancel late or fail to attend a scheduled event, another student misses the chance to take that spot. The employer also misses the opportunity to have a full schedule and productive event. Late cancellations and no-shows reflect poorly on the student, the University, and negatively impact an employer's commitment to recruiting at Eastern Washington University.

This policy serves as a framework for professional behavior and personal responsibility. Policy terms may change at any time at the discretion of EWU Career Center.