What is Mindset?

mindsetMindsets are beliefs – beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. There are two types: fixed and growth. Carol Dweck has conducted numerous studies on mindset. Take a look at what she found.

Fixed Mindset

  • These individuals believe their basic qualities (i.e. intelligence or talent) are fixed, static, and unable to change.
  • Subsequently, they…..
    • Avoid challenges
    • Give up easily
    • See their effort as fruitless
    • Ignore useful criticism and feedback
    • Feel threatened by the success of others
  • These individuals will achieve less than their full potential.

Growth Mindset

  • Individuals with a growth mindset believe their most basic abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. Brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilient attitude.
  • Subsequently, they…
    • Embrace challenges
    • Persist in the face of failure
    • See effort as the path to mastery
    • Learn from criticism
    • Find inspiration from the success of others
  • These individuals reach high levels of achievement.

Quiz: What’s your Mindset

To quiz yourself on what mindset you possess visit Test Your Mindset.

While some may find out they possess more of one mindset at this moment, there is always room to improve. For tips on changing your mindset visit Change Your Mindset.

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