Academic Skills

General Academic Tips

  • Everyone needs extra help- if you’re having difficulty in a class, seek out the support you need EARLY!
  • Get to know the professors—go to the faculty member’s office hours at least twice during the quarter.
  • Don’t get hung up on getting a perfect GPA – focus on assignments, papers and projects for their learning value; the grades will come naturally.
  • Form study groups! – study groups help you perform better as you create a network of support.
  • Always go to class – You have access to some of the most accomplished experts in their field, and you are paying a tremendous amount of money to have access to them.
  • Get connected to campus life – getting involved will dramatically increase your enjoyment and experience.
  • Take care of yourself- keeping your body well cared for will help you stay healthier and be more successful academically.
  • The previous tips are adapted from: University of Colorado Boulder and How to Succeed in College by Durso-Finley & Becker (2012)