Learning Styles

Assess your Learning Style

We each have our own preferred set of learning styles. Understanding your learning style can enhance your learning in and outside of the classroom. When you know how you learn best, you can develop more effective study strategies. Listed below are two learning style assessments.

Felder’s Index

This assessment is a 44 question survey that measures your learning style and study habits. Learning styles are measured on a continuum. These styles include senseing vs. intuitive, active vs. reflective, visual vs. verbal, and sequential vs. global. The Felder’s Index was developed by Barbara Soloman and Dr. Richard Felder of North Carolina State University.


VARK Questionnaire

The VARK Questionnaire measures your learning style and provides suggestions for different study strategies. The four types of learning styles measured in this instrument are V- visual, A- auditory, R- read/write, and K- kinesthetic.